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OneNote: Unfiled notes file very large

Posted by Steven Kennedy on May 12, 2008

In a previous post, I talked about suddenly running out of disk space on my C:\ drive. During that episode I was looking for large files to possibly delete and came across one, Unfiled (it’s in the OneNote Notebooks folder). It was over 300MB in size.

In looking at the contents of the Unfiled Notes section in OneNote I decided that there were a number of ‘pages’ that I didn’t need or that I could move in to the appropriate OneNote section. Having done that I was left with 3 pages with just some text on them, nothing that would consume 300MB.

When I looked the file was still 300MB in size, so I went looking for some method of compressing the Unfiled file. I found a reference online. Seems that Under Tools.Options.Save not only can you configure were various OneNote files and folders are saved to but you can also Optimize the files.

Not sure why the Optimize after OneNote has been inactive for 30 minutes didn’t work, perhaps I just didn’t wait long enough. However, I forced an Optimize and hey presto! The Unfiled file is down under 1MB.

The picture below is of the Tools.Options.Save screen


Note! The Unfiled Notes section is a single file were unfiled pages, duh!, are held. So when you print to OneNote etc. it put’s then under Unfiled Notes, at least my instance of OneNote is configured that way.

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