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Suddenly running out of disk space on the C:\ Drive

Posted by Steven Kennedy on May 12, 2008

Last week I suddenly started to run out of disk space on my C:\ drive. I was down to a couple of hundred megs and performance started to suffer, badly.

I tried looking for some large files to delete but that was somewhat problematically as when I did a search it would turn up with no hits. I resolved this issue by connecting to the C$ share from a second PC and doing the search that way. I identified a couple of large files that I deleted, but to little avail. The disk just continued to fill up.

I then used a utility to provide a listing, and pictorial, of disk usage by folder and file type. I found that I had something like 26,000 files in C:\WINDOWS\Temp. These files started FLTxxxx.tmp. There was also a set of files ACRxxxx.tmp, but it seemed that these had a size of 0Kb.

I deleted the file in the Temp folder, and then re-booted my PC. Once it was up I started a disk defrag and went home for the night.

The next morning when I got in my disk was full again. Again the C:\WINDOWS\Temp folder had 20,000+ tmp files in it.

I went online and did some searching, whilst I was deleting the tmp files, and discovered that Adobe version 7 had some issues with the Microsoft built-in Index service. This was a bit odd as I’m running Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8. However, I had earlier in the week started the Indexer, because of the issue of searching the C:\ drive. Putting 1 and 1 together I shutdown the Indexer service, completed the deletion of the tmp files and then ran a disk defrag. Everything seems to be working.

Note! The *.tmp files in the C:\Windows\Temp folder were taking up something like 17GB of disk space!

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