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Redirection options in SharePoint

Posted by Steven Kennedy on November 24, 2009

There’s a very good blog posting by Todd Klindt on some methods for ‘Redirection options in SharePoint’. I haven’t tried this yet on my home setup but I’m interested in it as I have a number of both WSS and MOSS sites that I want/need to move. In doing so I have a number of redirection issues to resolve, namely;

  1. Moving a MOSS SharePoint site so that the URL changes. That is re-organizing the site and moving it to another part of the SharePoint root
  2. Redirecting ‘vanity’ URLS to the new location of the SharePoint site

In the first scenario, moving a site, you’d only need to have the redirection in place for some period of time, say 6 months to a year. The trick being that you’d need to be able to redirect URLs that people had bookmarked. Todd Klindt’s posting deals with this.

In the second scenario it would be redirecting a set of URLs to the newly located site.

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