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Are you using more Mailbox quota than you think?

Posted by Steven Kennedy on January 19, 2010

On two occasions now I’ve seen where my Outlook mailbox Local Data and Server Data folder sizes do not match. It’s most obvious with the Outbox folder. For Local Data the Outbox folder shows up as empty, 0KB, where as for Server Data the Outbox shows with some number of KB allocated.

You can confirm that your server Outbox has entries by using Outlook Web Access (OWA). When you do so use the navigation on the left to find and then select Outbox. At which point OWA will display all of the messages that are in your Outbox, on the server, consuming mailbox quota.

As far as I can tell all email messages have been delivered, just for some reason they are not getting cleared out of the Server side Outbox. In my case I’ve seen 10’s MB of disk being consumed by my Outbox on the server. However, in one case that I’m aware of the user had 500MB of messages still showing up in their Outbox, on the server.

I’ve been working with EIT on this issue. To date we have not discovered any root cause and therefore no specific solution. The current ‘solution’ is to create a new email profile and then use OWA to remove all of the old messages from the Outbox on the server. This is a palliative solution at best as the issue does seem to come back, at least for me.

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