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A Cool Feature of Windows 7

Posted by Steven Kennedy on November 12, 2010

One of the cool new features of Windows 7 that I find myself using a lot is what Microsoft have termed ‘Snap’. It allows you to size and arrange a window just by dragging it to the edge of your screen, well the top, left and right edges anyway.

This is a great way to quickly and easily arrange two windows on a single screen by dragging each of them to the left and right screen edges. You’ll then have each window open, arranged and sized to use half of the screen.

As I’m writing this I have Widows Live Writer open as well as the Microsoft web page describing ‘Snap’.

The Microsoft site can give you more details of how to use the Snap feature. For the moment I find that I just use the snap to left or right so I can have two windows open at the same time and the Snap to the top edge to maximize the window to fill the screen, same as double clicking the windows top border.

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