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Removing an RSS Feed Title

Posted by Steven Kennedy on December 3, 2010

The RSS Feed web part in SharePoint allows you to link to an RSS feed and display that feed in your web part. One of the things that I have found mildly annoying is that the web part has a Title, the default being RSS Feed, and the feed it self has a title, that is displayed as part of the feed.

in a number of cases I want to use a different, more descriptive name, for the RSS Feed title. I can do this by changing the Web Part Title. However, the feed name is still displayed, linked back to the source.

You can remove the feed name, as it appears within the web part by, using the XSL Editor. Note! this works for most but not all feeds.

Edit the page with the RSS Feed web part on it and select the RSS Feed web part. Use the Edit Web Part to open up the web part tool pane. Near the bottom is a button that says ‘XSL Editor’ (for SharePoint 2010 that is). In the resulting window you’ll see the XSL text associated with the feed. Locate the section;

<div class="groupheader item medium">
            <a href="{ddwrt:EnsureAllowedProtocol(string(channel/link))}">
                <xsl:value-of select="channel/title"/>

It’s approximately 30-40 lines down.

Delete this text and then click on ‘Save’ then click on ‘Apply’. The web part should now display the feed without the feed name. You can then use the ‘Appearance’ section for the Web Part to put in whatever name you want to use.

Having done this I normally associate the feeds URL with the Title for the web part by using the ‘Advanced’ section and entering the feeds URL in to the ‘Title URL’ field

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