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Changed Theme for my site

Posted by Steven Kennedy on December 12, 2010

I was using the zBench theme for this site and I quite liked it and it’s capabilities except for one thing. It’s a fixed width format. That meant that with the three columns, two for widgets, the third displaying the posts, that the post itself was pretty narrow and didn’t expand if you had a wider screen. When you add to this that I have a 24inch monitor, it means a lot of wasted screen space if browsing in full screen mode.

So I went looking for an alternative theme, ‘flexible width’, and decided on the Andreas09 theme.

Like the zBench it’s pretty clean and easy to read and has three columns. The down side is the header. I’m not able to customize the header the way I was with zBench. However, I’m willing to give up that capability for the flexibility of being able to view the site using the full screen.

Perhaps whoever created the zBench theme might think about doing an updated version that includes ‘flexible width’, that is the posting column takes advantage of window re-sizing’.

Until then I’ll try out this Andreas09 theme and see how it works.

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