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Google Analytics connector of SharePoint 2010–Traffic received

Posted by Steven Kennedy on December 14, 2010

So, now I have traffic to look at. Well, it’s only my own traffic but as I’m doing this just as a proof of concept, and to see what information Google Analytics collects, that’s okay.

The screen shot below shows the traffic for the one day that Google Analytics has been gathering information. I’ve switched the display to show page titles, rather than the URL for the page, Google collects them both.

I could see where either the URL or the page title might give some cause for concern, from an IT Security perspective but I’ll explore these possibilities in a later posting, once I have some more data.

Content by Title

Now I get to visit various pages on my SharePoint 2010 My Site to see what turns up in Google Analytics.

I guess one other approach would be to look at the JavaScript used by Google Analytics to decipher what information it’s collecting – what a novel approach! The bad news is I don’t do JavaScript, well not development. I’ve cobbled together some from examples I’ve obtained from the ‘net so perhaps I’ll look in to this.

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