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Using Word for Blog Postings

Posted by Steven Kennedy on December 14, 2010

Microsoft Office Word has had the capability to be used for posting blog entries since Office 2007. I’ve used it a bit but mainly I used Live Writer. I’m going to re-look at Word, specifically Word 2010, for doing blog postings.

There are a couple of benefits, to using Word, that immediately spring to mind. Word has pretty good spell and grammar checking. Windows Live Writer only has spell checking. Also, there’s the fact that most people, me included, use Word for their day to day word processing so they’re at least familiar with a subset of Words capabilities and where to find them.

One possible down side is this;

When I set up the account to use for this posting you get a warning. I don’t remember seeing it when I setup Windows Live Writer, I’ll have to go back and check


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