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MailTips: What are they?

Posted by Steven Kennedy on December 16, 2010

This is the first in a series about MailTips, a new feature in Exchange 2010. Ever since I saw these in the Beta release of Exchange/Outlook 2010, circa TechEd 2009, they’ve peaked my interest, especially the Custom MailTips. However, a couple of the reasons I thought about using Custom MailTips for are no longer required as in the release version of Exchange 2010 there is a MailTip for External Recipients. Having said that there are still a number of interesting uses for the Custom MailTip. I’ll explore some of these, along with scenarios, usage and limitations of the current MailTips functionality.

Microsoft introduced MailTips with Exchange 2010. In order to make use of them you’ll need both Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2010.

Exchange 2010 provides a set of ‘standard’ MailTips that can be enabled, then there’s Custom MailTips. The list of ‘standard’ MailTips, the scenario under which they’ll trigger and where possible a screen shot of what it looks like are shown below.

MailTips only work in an Exchange 2010/Outlook 2010/Outlook Web Access (OWA) environment. Not all MailTips work for both Outlook and OWA, I’ve indicated which are which in the list below.

Exchange 2010 MailTips

Other Blogs/References on MailTips


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