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MailTips: Automatic Replies

Posted by Steven Kennedy on December 19, 2010

The Automatic Replies MailTip is displayed if the sender adds a recipient who has turned on Automatic Replies.

The MailTip indicates the recipient has Automatic Replies turned on and also displays the first 250 characters of the automatic reply configured by the recipient.

The MailTip is accurate at the time of display. If the message isn’t immediately sent, the MailTip is updated every two hours. This also applies to messages that were saved in the Drafts folder and reopened after two hours.

If part of your user mailboxes are hosted on Exchange Online and you’re in a coexistence with Exchange Online scenario, the setting on the remote domain object that represents the remote part of your organization has a direct effect on how this MailTip is processed.

In Exchange 2010, users can configure different Automatic Replies for internal and external senders. If the remote domain is configured as an internal domain (by setting the IsInternal parameter on the remote domain object to $true), the internal automatic reply is returned to all users in the organization regardless of where their mailbox resides. However, if the remote domain isn’t configured as an internal domain, the internal automatic reply is returned to all users whose mailboxes are in the local domain and the external automatic reply is returned to users whose mailboxes are in the remote domain.

Automatic Replys - Out of office


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