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MailTips: Custom

Posted by Steven Kennedy on December 19, 2010


A custom MailTip is displayed if the sender adds a recipient for whom a customized MailTip is configured.

A custom MailTip can be useful for providing specific information about a recipient. For example, you can create a custom MailTip for a distribution group explaining its purpose to reduce its misuse.

By default, custom MailTips aren’t displayed if the sender isn’t allowed to send to that recipient. In that case, the Restricted Recipient MailTip is displayed. However, you can change this configuration and have the custom MailTip also display. For more information about configuring custom MailTips, see Configure Custom MailTips for Recipients.

Screen shot of a Custom MailTip, along with the External Recipient MailTip. A custom MailTip can be up to 250 characters in length

Custom MailTip

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