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MailTips: Invalid Internal Recipient

Posted by Steven Kennedy on December 29, 2010


The Invalid Internal Recipient MailTip is displayed if the sender adds a recipient that appears to be internal to the organization but doesn’t exist in Active Directory.

This could happen if the sender addresses a message to a user who is no longer with the company but whose address resolves due to name resolution cache or an entry in the sender’s Contacts folder. It can also happen if the sender types an SMTP address with a domain for which Exchange is authoritative and the address doesn’t resolve to an existing recipient.

The MailTip indicates the invalid recipient and gives the sender the option to remove the recipient from the message.

The screen shot below shows the wording that you’ll see for this MailTip. In this case it the User John Doe with an email address of john.doe@sjwk.local does not exist. Either the name is wrong or there person is no longer with the company.

The same MailTip would show up if a user was replying to an email, or if they’d picked the person out of their Contacts, or from the type ahead buffer of Outlook.


Invalid user


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