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MailTips: Large Audience

Posted by Steven Kennedy on December 29, 2010

The Large Audience MailTip is displayed if the sender adds a distribution group that has more than the large audience size configured in your organization. By default, Exchange displays this MailTip for messages to distribution groups that have more than 25 members. For information about configuring the large audience size for your organization, see Configure Organizational Settings for MailTips.

The size of distribution groups isn’t calculated each time. Instead, the distribution group information is read from the group metrics data. For more information about group metrics, see Understanding Group Metrics.

The screen shot below shows the wording of the MailTip. In this case the ‘large audience’ has been set to 3 so that the ‘Large DL’ group triggers the MailTip.

Large Audience

If more than one group triggered the ‘Large Audience’ MailTip then each one would be listed, along with the number of recipients, as shown in the screen shot below. There would also be a total number of recipients displayed. In the example below 4 of the 5 groups exceed the ‘Large Audience’ trigger while the fifth doesn’t. The total number of recipients is the sum of all of the groups, not just the ones that trigger the ‘Large Audience’ MailTip.

Large Audience - multiple groups

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