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MailTips: Oversize Message

Posted by Steven Kennedy on December 29, 2010


The Oversize Message MailTip is displayed if the message the sender is composing is larger than configured message size limits in your organization.

The MailTip is displayed if the message size violates one of the following size restrictions:

  • Maximum send size setting on the sender’s mailbox
  • Maximum receive size setting on the recipient’s mailbox
  • Maximum message size restriction for the organization
  • Maximum Request Length setting (for Outlook Web App only)


Due to the complexity of the implementation, the message size limits on the connectors in your organization aren’t taken into account.


This MailTip isn’t displayed in Outlook Web App.

The screen shot below shows the wording for the MailTip when a users message size, for sending, is exceeded. For the purposes of this screen shot the limit has been set to 10KB.

Message Size Restriction - Sender

The same MailTip wording is used if the message size exceeds the limit set for the organization, as opposed to a specific user. This means you cannot tell from the MailTip alone whether the limit is being imposed at the organizational level, or on you as a specific user.

Message Size Restriction - Outbound Message Size

The last screen shot is the wording for the MailTip when the message size limitation is applied on the recipient. In this case as you can see from the MailTip it tells you which recipient will not receive the email, because the message is to large.

Message Size Restriction - Receiver

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