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Duplicate emails in Sent folder when using Outlook client with Gmail Account

Posted by Steven Kennedy on January 7, 2011

When sending emails from my Outlook 2010 client, using my Gmail account, I would get duplicated entries in the ‘Sent Mail’ folder. This is been happening for some time but I’ve never gotten around to looking in to it.

Well, that’s just changed. I sent a friend an email and noticed it to was duplicated in my Gmail ‘Sent Mail’ folder so I started to look around, using what else but Google Search.

There are a number of entries out their dealing with duplicated emails in Gmail, a number of them from a few years ago. Then I found an entry that seemed to be more on point, that of using an Outlook client. So just to clarify, the scenario is this;

  • Outlook 2010 client
  • Outlook client using IMAP/SMTP connection to my Gmail account
  • Send email from Outlook client using Gmail account
  • Duplicate emails appear in Sent Mail folder

When I looked at the Internet headers for each of the duplicated emails there was a difference but as it happens I didn’t use this to identify and resolve the issue.

Instead, by doing a Google Search I found this entry; Problems sending mail, from Google themselves. Specifically the section Seeing duplicate Sent messages? which led me to Recommended IMAP client settings.

Looking at the various clients that Google has recommendations for I didn’t see Outlook 2010 so I just had a read of the general rule, specifically;


  • Do NOT save sent messages on the server. If your client is sending mail through Gmail’s SMTP server, your sent messages will be automatically copied to the [Gmail]/Sent Mail folder.

So I went in to the Account settings in Outlook and selected my Gmail account and clicked on ‘Change’. There’s a screen shot below of what you’ll see, for Outlook 2010. Click on the ‘More Settings …’ button.


Once the Internet E-mail Settings dialog box appears click on the ‘Sent Items’ tab and then click on the ‘Do not save copies of sent items’ radio button, as shown below.


This solved my duplicate emails in the Sent Mail folder. Now I only get a single copy of the email in the sent folder.

5 Responses to “Duplicate emails in Sent folder when using Outlook client with Gmail Account”

  1. Tony said

    correct, this is the solution

    • michael said

      Nice job…thanks for the help!!!

    • Ted said

      Does this mean that the sent message only exists locally and I wouldn’t be able to pull up the Sent message at home if I sent from my office? Sometimes I need to Resend to additional recipients or just to revise the message and resend.

      • From what I remember it means the Sent Message will be on the server. It’s if you configure your mail client to save sent messages that’s when you get duplicates because Gmail automatically saves sent messages

  2. marynell said

    Thank you so much, this was frustrating me and you had the answer – thank you

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