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Comments not working!

Posted by Steven Kennedy on January 20, 2011

First posted on my MobileMe blog

I’ve just found out that the comments for my MobileMe hosted blog aren’t working, at least they’re not for me. The comment box opens up and I’m able to fill in the necessary info, including the ‘Captcha’ code but the ‘Add Comment’ link doesn’t work. The comment dialog box also opens far left of the screen.

I’ve done a quick look but most of the posts I see seem to indicate that it’ll clear up on it’s own. That remains to be seen. In the mean time I’ll keep looking.


Update (1/23/2011)

Okay, ‘Comments’ came back on Thursday. Seems they just ‘fixed’ themselves, maybe. As my posted comment shows I did do a ‘Publish Entire Site’.

Having said all of that I just went to add another comment, to a different post, and Comments weren’t working again. As you can see from the screen shot below it’s fairly obvious when the Comment isn’t going to work. The dialog box is not displayed properly. The screen shots below show firstly a ‘bad’ Comments dialog box followed by a ‘good’ one.


'Bad' Comments dialog box

'Good' Comments dialog box

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