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‘Droid email problem

Posted by Steven Kennedy on January 25, 2011

I’ve had a ‘Droid for approximately 6 months now. I have Gmail setup on it, and it’s working fine, and I also have my Verizon email account, using the ‘Droid Email app.

Everything seemed to be okay for a while and then I started to notice that when I went in to the ‘Droid Email it would show a spinning icon, as if it was trying to connect to my Verizon account. It would just sit there. Eventually I ended up powering off the ‘Droid and turning it back on. When I did so the Email app would connect to my Verizon account okay and download any waiting email.

This has now become tedious. I’ve checked a few forums and it would seem that I’m not the only one seeing this issue. One post I saw indicated that their ‘Droid Email would work for something like 24-48hrs and then would ‘hang’ as I’ve described above. So far I haven’t seen a fix for this issue.

I’ll do some more sleuthing to see if anyone has a fix out there. Failing that I’ll see if there’s a ‘better’ email app out there for use with Internet email accounts. In the mean time I’ll be powering off and on my ‘Droid on a regular basis.

One Response to “‘Droid email problem”

  1. Steven Kennedy said

    Hmm. Somthing to checkout. It might just be synchronicity but I just powered off and on my ‘Droid and got new email. Then it went back to the spinning icon, like it was trying to talk to my Verizon email server.

    I changed the network connection from 3G to a local, Starbucks, Wi-fi connection. Low and behold the Email app seems to be talking to my Verizon email server, at least the icon isn’t spinning anymore. I’ll have to check this out a couple of times to see if it really is another work around

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