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Power outage at home

Posted by Steven Kennedy on January 27, 2011

The snow storm that hit the East Coast yesterday took out my power at home. The power outage started around 5:30pm and looks like it cam back around 2:00am on the 28th. I was asleep at the time so I’m going by the reboot time of my Mac Mini.

I have UPS’s to support my home network and my FIOS, voice, connection stayed up and working. Although both my monitor and firewall/router went down as they’re only on a surge protection socket.

I left my systems up and running for approximately 30 minutes, to see if the power was going to come back on. I then plugged the monitor in to a battery backup socket and started to shut down the various virtual machines I have running under Hyper-V. I got most of them shutdown, but not all, before my UPS ran out and shut down the physical PC, hard. Must start shutting down sooner next time.

I’m going to see about re-doing my power to my systems so that both the monitor and firewall/router are on UPS. That way I can shut systems down, and also find out if my FIOS data circuit stays up, like the voice does.

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