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Google Maps Marker Icons

Posted by Steven Kennedy on March 14, 2011

The pictures of the icons below are those from and depict the various icons that Google has for use on it’s Google Maps. Each of the icons has a link back to it’s source so you should be able to grab which ever ones you want to use.

As you can see for each icon there’s a ‘shadow’ version, except for the ‘pushpin’ versions. For the shadow version of the ‘pushpin’ scroll down to the P’s, purple pushpin. It has the shadow version, as you only need the one version for all of the different colors of ‘pushpins’.

How to use these I’ll leave up to you to figure out, as I’m still figuring that out. Perhaps I’ll do a post in the future on how to use ‘custom’ markers.


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Fusion Tables and Google Maps

Posted by Steven Kennedy on March 1, 2011

I attended a Google Technology User Group meeting tonight, Tuesday 1st March 2011. The talk was about Google’s Fusion Tables and Google Maps API. I’ll probably write more about this later. I’m just doing this post because I got home and immediately created a Excel file with some location information, places I’ve lived, and uploaded it to Google Fusion Tables. I then shared it to the public and took the embedded code that generates the Google Map and inserted it on a blog post on my MobileMe Blog here. I have to do it this way because WordPress doesn’t support IFRAMEs or JavaScript, but MobileMe site do.

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