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Power outage at home

Posted by Steven Kennedy on January 27, 2011

The snow storm that hit the East Coast yesterday took out my power at home. The power outage started around 5:30pm and looks like it cam back around 2:00am on the 28th. I was asleep at the time so I’m going by the reboot time of my Mac Mini.

I have UPS’s to support my home network and my FIOS, voice, connection stayed up and working. Although both my monitor and firewall/router went down as they’re only on a surge protection socket.

I left my systems up and running for approximately 30 minutes, to see if the power was going to come back on. I then plugged the monitor in to a battery backup socket and started to shut down the various virtual machines I have running under Hyper-V. I got most of them shutdown, but not all, before my UPS ran out and shut down the physical PC, hard. Must start shutting down sooner next time.

I’m going to see about re-doing my power to my systems so that both the monitor and firewall/router are on UPS. That way I can shut systems down, and also find out if my FIOS data circuit stays up, like the voice does.

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Comments not working!

Posted by Steven Kennedy on January 20, 2011

First posted on my MobileMe blog

I’ve just found out that the comments for my MobileMe hosted blog aren’t working, at least they’re not for me. The comment box opens up and I’m able to fill in the necessary info, including the ‘Captcha’ code but the ‘Add Comment’ link doesn’t work. The comment dialog box also opens far left of the screen.

I’ve done a quick look but most of the posts I see seem to indicate that it’ll clear up on it’s own. That remains to be seen. In the mean time I’ll keep looking.


Update (1/23/2011)

Okay, ‘Comments’ came back on Thursday. Seems they just ‘fixed’ themselves, maybe. As my posted comment shows I did do a ‘Publish Entire Site’.

Having said all of that I just went to add another comment, to a different post, and Comments weren’t working again. As you can see from the screen shot below it’s fairly obvious when the Comment isn’t going to work. The dialog box is not displayed properly. The screen shots below show firstly a ‘bad’ Comments dialog box followed by a ‘good’ one.


'Bad' Comments dialog box

'Good' Comments dialog box

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Changed Theme for my site

Posted by Steven Kennedy on December 12, 2010

I was using the zBench theme for this site and I quite liked it and it’s capabilities except for one thing. It’s a fixed width format. That meant that with the three columns, two for widgets, the third displaying the posts, that the post itself was pretty narrow and didn’t expand if you had a wider screen. When you add to this that I have a 24inch monitor, it means a lot of wasted screen space if browsing in full screen mode.

So I went looking for an alternative theme, ‘flexible width’, and decided on the Andreas09 theme.

Like the zBench it’s pretty clean and easy to read and has three columns. The down side is the header. I’m not able to customize the header the way I was with zBench. However, I’m willing to give up that capability for the flexibility of being able to view the site using the full screen.

Perhaps whoever created the zBench theme might think about doing an updated version that includes ‘flexible width’, that is the posting column takes advantage of window re-sizing’.

Until then I’ll try out this Andreas09 theme and see how it works.

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Hiding Optional Updates

Posted by Steven Kennedy on November 22, 2010

For a while now it’s been bugging me that when I check for Windows Updates it was showing up something like 34 optional language files. Finally I decided enough was enough and I did some quick checking on line on how to get rid of them.


Well, turns out to be very easy but you don’t get rid of them, you just hide them. There’s a detailed explanation at SevenForums but it boils down to selecting the update and right clicking and selecting ‘Hide update’ from the resulting menu items. Depending on your security settings you might get a User Access Control (UAC) prompt to approve the change.

In my case all I had to do was select all of the language updates by selecting the first one and then using ‘Shift’ clicking on the last one. With all of them selected a right click allowed me to select ‘Hide update’. They don’t all disappear immediately but will be grayed out. When you exit out of Windows Update and go back in, no optional language packs.

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Enabled email Posting

Posted by Steven Kennedy on November 13, 2010

I’ve enabled the email posting functionality in WordPress. This will enable me to send an email to a special email address and it’ll get posted on my Blog.

The email address is randomly generated when you enable the feature for your blog and is something that would be very hard to remember and/or to guess so I suppose there’s not much likelihood of someone guessing it an posting bogus posts.

It would have been nice if WordPress limited the source of the inbound emails. That is, required you to register what email addresses are allowed to send to the mailbox. Amazon do this for the Kindle. You have to register what email address are allowed to send to your Kindle associated email address.

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