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YLSNED: Kindle ‘Share’ button’

Posted by Steven Kennedy on February 24, 2011

I was reading a book on Cloud Security and Privacy on my Kindle to day and there was a section that I wanted to make a note about but I didn’t have my laptop with me, or a note pad. I thought about using my ‘droid to take the note but I remembered that the Kindle allows you to highlight sections, so that’s what I did.

In doing so I saw that there was an button to Share the highlight and the note associated with it. When I clicked on the Share button I was given the option of sharing via Twitter or Facebook. I choose Twitter. I then had to link my Kindle to my Twitter account.

Once I ‘d completed the link I went back to the eBook I was reading and went through the sharing process again, only to run in to an issue. It wouldn’t let me! Turns out you can only make use of this feature for books that you’ve purchased via Amazon. The one I was reading I’d loaded on to my Kindle myself, it’s an eBook from O’Reilly that I converted to Kindle format.

So the good new is you can ‘Share’ comments and notes from the Kindle via Twitter. The bad news is you can only use for books obtained from Amazon.

You can see an example of the Tweet below, followed by a screen shot of where the tweet link takes you.


Kindle - Sharing via Twitter

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