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BIOS Update Failure, part 2

Posted by Steven Kennedy on September 18, 2010

Okay, so it turns out to be a bigger deal than I expected. Seems that having a BIOS failure means that they cannot do an ‘at home’ fix. I had to send the PC back to HP to be fixed. They sent me a box to send it back to them,it came in just two days. I packaged it up and sent it off the same day I received the box. It got to HP on the in three days.

I’ve just checked and it seems that it’s on it’s way back to me. That means I sent it to them on the 13th. They received it on the 15th and it was fixed and sent back to me on the 17th. I’m told by tech support that when the send it back they’ve checked to make sure it’s in working order. Guess I’ll see once it turns up, ETA the 21st September

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BIOS Update Failure

Posted by Steven Kennedy on September 10, 2010

I just had a BIOS update fail on my HP Pavilion Elite m9600t. I was trying to upgrade the RAM on the PC, from 12 to 24GB, but the PC would only recognize the first pair of cards (8GB), and not the other 2 pair.

I trolled the internet looking for anything that would provide an indication as to why this should be the case but didn’t find anything. The specs for the PC indicated that it support 6x4GB cards.

As a last resort, before going to HP’s Tech Support I decided to upgrade the BIOS, as there was an upgrade available, although there was nothing in the description to indicate that it would solve the problem. I had nothing to lose, and an upgraded BIOS to gain. Wrong! The BIOS update failed. When running it it popped up an error and asked if I wanted to check if there was a solution available. I said yes. It stared to look. I left it for a few minutes and then noticed that nothing seemed to be happening. I tried to to move the mouse etc. nothing. The PC had locked up. At this point I thought the BIOS upgrade had failed before it had started. I re-booted the PC only to be created by a blank screen. No startup screen, now Windows, nothing. In fact the monitor wasn’t even getting a video signal from the PC.

I tried removing the new memory and replacing it with the original, nothing. I removed all the memory and got a short and ling beep, but nothing on the display.

To cut a long story short after doing some of my own troubleshooting and then getting on to HP Tech Support and going through essentially the same steps with them the conclusion was a BIOS corruption.

A pain but no biggie. I have In Home support, 3 business day turn around. Well, not so much. In order to re-flash the BIOS the PC has to go back to HP. So, now I have to wait 2-3 business days for the box to turn up to put the PC in. Post it back, another 2-3 days. For HP to fix it, x days and then to return it, 2-3 more days. So I’m looking at 7-10 business days, at a minimum before I get it back.

Guess I’ll steer clear of BIOS upgrades in the future.

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