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Disappearing Recycle Bin

Posted by Steven Kennedy on February 9, 2010

I’m running Microsoft Vista and I’ve noticed that my Recycle Bin has disappeared from my Desktop. Whilst annoying I was still able to get to it via my icon on the desktop and then selecting Desktop. However, that route dried up as well. Very annoying. I couldn’t get to the Recycle Bin to empty it or recover files.

In searching the web I found a number of possible solutions, some of which required Registry changes, which I’d rather not have to do, but I also found a lot simpler solution.

So for Vista only;

  • Right click on the desktop then click ‘Personalize


  • Once there look to the left pane near the top and click ‘Change Desktop Icons’


  • If the check box for ‘Recycle Bin’ is not checked then check it and click on ‘OK
  • If the check box for ‘Recycle Bin’ is checked then un-check it and click on ‘Apply’ then check the box and click on ‘OK

You should now have your Recycle Bin back on your Desktop.

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