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Edit a previous post using Live Writer

Posted by Steven Kennedy on February 17, 2011

I use Microsoft’s Live Writer to create my posts for this Blog. One of the things I ran in to recently was that I wanted to edit a previous post, I’d found a broken link in the post. However, the post in question didn’t appear in the Open recent post’ list. This list looks to be restricted to ten (10) entries.

As it turns out Live Writer is pretty good in allowing you to edit previous posts, it’s just not to obvious how to do it. I found a this post on Technogran’s tittle tattle. The details are actually in one of the comments made. It’s a comment made by technogran1 on November 27, 2010.

rather than have you have to click on a link and scroll down to find the steps I’ve included them below, along with some screen shots.

The steps are shown below;

  • Click on the top left hand side File icon.File_Icon - annotated
  • From the drop down list, move the mouse on to ‘Open recent post’ to highlight it then click onto the words ‘Open recent post’. If you don’t click ‘Open recent post’ you’ll only see the 10 most recent posts.
  • Another window will then open. If you have more  than one Blog account then select the account you’re looking to use. You’ll see a dialog box open and Live Writer will connect to the blog and retrieve the previous posts and then display them to you. Retrieving previous postsOpen_previous_posts
  • At the top of ‘Open’ window, you will see in the middle a drop down to ‘Show’ how many Posts or Pages to display. Change this to as many posts as you wish to go back to in order to edit them. In most cases you can get Live Writer to now fetch up to 3.000 posts.
  • Scroll down the list of posts that are now shown from your blog until you reach the one that you wish to edit.
  • Highlight it by simply clicking on the post in question, (it will turn blue) and then click on OK.
  • The post will then be shown in the compose and edit window.
  • Change it but do NOT alter the ‘Set post date’ at all if you want that post to be retained in its old position.

NOT!. You can also edit pages as well as posts in Live Writer on WordPress.

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Enabled email Posting

Posted by Steven Kennedy on November 13, 2010

I’ve enabled the email posting functionality in WordPress. This will enable me to send an email to a special email address and it’ll get posted on my Blog.

The email address is randomly generated when you enable the feature for your blog and is something that would be very hard to remember and/or to guess so I suppose there’s not much likelihood of someone guessing it an posting bogus posts.

It would have been nice if WordPress limited the source of the inbound emails. That is, required you to register what email addresses are allowed to send to the mailbox. Amazon do this for the Kindle. You have to register what email address are allowed to send to your Kindle associated email address.

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Connected my WordPress Blog to Facebook and Twitter

Posted by Steven Kennedy on November 13, 2010

I’ve connected this blog with my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I’m haven’t used either all of that much. This way I can post an entry on my blog and have it repeated across both, without any additional work on my part.

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