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Posted by Steven Kennedy on March 11, 2009

I was recently going through some old papers when I came across some cartoons. They date back from circa 1987, before I came to the United States, At that time I worked for one of our predecessor companies, GEC-Marconi in Rochester. This is now part of Platform Solutions. I’d recently moved from Avionic projects, specifically the Nimrod MR2 project, in to what is now termed IT. At the time most engineering work was carried out on VAX mini-computers, still in use today within some parts of Platform Solutions. The maker of these computers was called DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation), which was first taken over by Compaq which in turn was taken over by HP. Every year DEC held a large DEC User group meeting called DECUS, one in Europe the other here in the United States. This one year I asked if I could go. My then boss, Andy Mitchell, didn’t think I had any chance of the request being approved by the divisions management so he was quite willing to approve and forward the request. He was more than a little put out when management agreed to send me. Mitch apart from being in charge of the computer facilities, for our division – IND – Inertial Navigation Division, was also something of a cartoonist, as you can see below.

Copy of DECUS - Rome - Collosium

DECUS - Rome - Pope

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